Our goal is to be a restaurant that Toyama locals are proud to recommend.
Even with the same vegetables, trying them can lead to new discoveries. At Symposium, we articulate this idea and transform the same vegetables into entirely different experiences through our cuisine.


We convey the passion of local farmers who meticulously cultivate vegetables from the ground onto our plates. At Symposium, we are a restaurant where you can savor course meals that place vegetables at the forefront.

While vegetables often play a supporting role in dishes with meat or fish as the main focus, at our establishment, vegetables take center stage. We believe that even in courses featuring meat or fish, vegetables can shine as the accompaniment.

When we say 'ingredients from Toyama,' it encompasses a wide range of items and cultivation methods depending on the location. In Nanto City, for instance, you'll find rare red soil, and in the mountainous areas, some farmers leverage differences in altitude for vegetable cultivation. The influence of the sea breeze, for example, notably affects the taste of grapes.

We hope that you not only enjoy the dishes presented on your plate but also find delight in discovering the uniqueness of each ingredient. We would be delighted if you leave our restaurant knowing how delicious ingredients born in Toyama truly are.

廣野 智之