<Our Concept>

We attach importance to coming up with various ideas with ingredients that we can get in each season in our own country. We offer dishes of good quality at popular prices, through which you will see Italian tradition, and we also introduce seasonal ingredients from Toyama, making beautiful harmony with Italian ingredients, which we are sure makes our Italian dishes much unique, ensuring food safety.

<The name of Symposium>

As for the name of our restaurant “Cucina Italiana Symposium”, Giuditta, whose mother Donatella is one of my friends and a creative Italian chef in Marche, gave me the idea of using the word of ‘Symposium’. In the ancient Rome, some learned people often held banquets called symposium, where they shared their own knowledge, made poems, or talked about politics, enjoying music and nice wines, which resulted in forming its original culture. So I’ve decided to put the word of ‘Symposium’, which is also known to Japanese people as a Latin word, in the name for our restaurant, hoping the customers would enjoy Italian culture in the way that Italian people have been developing for centuries.

<About Italian dishes>

Some people say that Italian dishes are just invented from the idea of each area in Italy and they cannot see the original Italian dishes. I can agree to this opinion in some parts, but I cannot help admiring Italian people who has been inventing new dishes by using seasonal ingredients found in their land. Nowadays we see many kinds of dishes which are made with imported ingredients, and actually I’m often impressed by these creative ideas. But it is also true that a lot of people in the world have loved traditional dishes for centuries, which I believe means that they know the long history of cooking has deepened these dishes and made them unique and special.