Having graduated from high school, I traveled around Asia and Europe only with a backpack, sampling various kinds of food.
At Ristrante Giglio Rosso, Florence, Tuscany
I started to work as a trainee cook. After that, they hired me as a cook, and I worked there for five years. I learned traditional dishes of Tuscany, especially stewed or grilled   meat dishes.
At L’osteria del Cucco, Urbania, Marche
I met some local producers there and I learned the importance of local seasonal ingredients, and of ensuring food safety by making the information on producer public. I spent there for two years.
At Ristrante Luigi Pomata, Cagliari, Sardegna
I learned advanced local dishes, which are based on local ingredients with various ideas. And I helped its chef as an assistant when he joined some big events several times. I also spent there for two years.